Age of Discovery

The Coynite


This unnamed Coynite never even chose a name because he had no idea of his destiny. Starting out as a smuggler for Horkdo the Hutt, he joined his friends Duke Groundrunner and Krrr'kik ("Bugman") and stole a freighter from the hutt. The trio went looking for work while fighting off Horkdo's mercenaries and the Empire. After taking some shady jobs, the group finally found an enslaved group of Jedis being held captive by a sith lord who wore a metal mask. After somehow defeating the sith lord, the group introduced themselves to a man named Starstealer, who then brought them to the Jedi Academy where they trained to become Jedi Apprentices. The group went on countless misadventures, including a crystal expedition, an evacuation and rock concert, and a covert infiltration of a large sith cruiser. Eventually, the group began recruiting new Jedis for the final battle against the sith and discovered an arms deal while on a recruiting job. Their old nemsis, Horkdo the Hutt, was present and the Coynite chased him onto his starfighter and cornered him. Horkdo begged for his life, but the Coynite felt the pull of the dark side and executed him. That would be the end of the group's mercenary troubles. The group then investigated a biomechanical race of spider creatures, resulting in a final battle against the Sith. The young Jedi knights won, saving the galaxy for bit longer.




Dexterity 5D

Dodge 6D
Melee combat 8D
Melee parry 8D
Running 6D

Strength 5D

Stamina 8D
Lifting 6D

Perception 3D

Sneak 4D
Con 4D

Knowledge 1D

Willpower 2D+2
Intimidate 5D+1
Jedi Lore 4D+1
Bureaucracy 3D+1

Mechanical 5D

Power suit operation 8D
Space transport 8D
Jetpack 7D
Armor weapon 8D
Navigation 7D
Sensors 7D
Communication 7D
Repulsor lift operation 7D

Technical 1D

Force 1D+1

Healing 4D+2
Sense 2D
Enhance 6D
Create 4D


Hit Points: 31

Character Points: 12

Force Points: 5

Dark Side Points: 1


Fighting in power armor
Force buffs

Force Powers

Control pain
Sense force
Imbue force
Accelerate healing
Reduce injury
Life detection
Enhance skill
Heal other
Enhance stat
Create force


400 credits
23900 credits invested
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