The Fall of Lucan

Campaign Info

  • Game system - D&D 4th Edition with house rules
  • Tier - Heroic
  • Designated party size - 3 characters
  • Expected level progression - 1st through 10th
  • Average session duration - Approximately 4 hours
  • Play style - Balanced


  • Stats determination - "Gregz Standard" stat generation
  • Races allowed - All standard
  • Classes allowed - All standard
  • Starting level - 1st
  • Starting gold - Standard

Players and Characters

  • Greg Hendricks - Dungeon Master
  • Andrew Hendricks - Barry Duvall - Human Artificer
  • Mike Wadsworth - Qirk Kek - Eladrin Rogue
  • Ryan Connair - Hale Doomwarden - Human Fighter


The setting of this campaign is Tamora, the location of places such as Ravensford, Swordspire, and Lucan. The heroes will start in Lucan, the City of Magic.

Lucan is located on the eastern end of the Tamoran Peninsula. Lucan is an industrial and advanced city, where the power of arcane magic has been harnessed to improve technology. With the discovery of the accumulator, a device ranging in size from a desk to a building, magic can be drawn from the environment and put to use. Already, pseudo-electronic devices have been invented, although they must be powered by magic, and small-scale accumulators are very rare.

Lucan is made up of two levels - an upper level that is levitated by four enormous accumulators the size of large buildings, and a lower level directly below. The upper level is populated by the wealthy elite and is heavily commercialized. The lower level is bleak, industrial, and made up entirely of slums. There is a central elevator (referred to as the "mag-lift") that provides access to the upper level, but it is closely guarded and proper access is required to use it.

The only form of transport within Lucan is a powered train (called the "mag-train") that runs throughout the lower level of the city. The upper level is not large enough to require a transport system.

Accumulators have been discovered to give off some sort of magical residue that mixes with air and other poullutants to create a dark greenish cloud that hangs over the entire city, called "the Haze". This cloud has grown so large that it blocks out the sun and the city must be artificially lit at all times. Periodically, the Haze will concentrate in an area and give off a brief, intense, flash of green light (referred to as a "haze flash"). Long-term exposure to the Haze is suspected to cause psychological problems, though it is not well understood.

The lower level is enclosed by a guarded wall, referred to as "the Cage". Entering or leaving Lucan is not easy, and the city has become isolated in its advancement.
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