Characters in The Archive: 114
Game Systems Played: 33
Sheets of Paper Used: 222
Totally Obscure Characters: 22
Characters With No Name: 16
Evil Characters: 3
Human Characters: 80
Characters With Negative Charisma: 30
Characters With "Weapon Focus" Feat: 30
Total Gold Pieces Carried: 595863
Total Items Carried: 4611
Distinct Items Carried: 1157
Total Crowbars Carried: 28
Total Suits of Platemail Worn: 16
Distinct Types of Boots Worn: 12
Distinct Types of Clothes Worn: 12
Distinct Types of Food/Drink Carried: 30


Highest Overall Rating: 8.6 Javin Skyfall
Highest Persistence: 10 Grolg, The Coynite, Javin Skyfall
Highest Personality: 10 Aleksandre Alphonse Minier du Chateaux "The Uninvited", Zerkos Demokritos
Highest Creativity: 10 Regulus
Highest Effectiveness: 10 Christoph Shazz, The Coynite, HRK-132
Highest Legacy: 10 Grolg
Highest Level: 22 Dargoth
Highest Strength: 23 Jaron
Lowest Strength: 6 Cecil Legrand
Highest Constitution: 20 Dhareq Enkallus, Septimus
Lowest Constitution: 8 Xantam
Highest Dexterity: 22 Xantam
Lowest Dexterity: 8 Quarion, Nathan
Highest Intelligence: 21 Merdik the Uninspired, Hector Salazar, Merkus Spitespewer
Lowest Intelligence: 6 Paelok
Highest Wisdom: 30 Dargoth
Lowest Wisdom: 6 Glirkus, (no name), (no name)
Highest Charisma: 26 Dargoth
Lowest Charisma: 1 Stolidus
Most Hit Points: 195 Dargoth
Highest Armor Class: 58 Dargoth
Highest Speed: 60 ft. Christoph Shazz
Highest Initiative: 12 (no name)
Highest Skill Bonus: Concentration +31 Dargoth
Most Trained Skillz: 18 trained skillz Merdik the Uninspired
Most Feats: 16 feats Grolg
Largest Inventory: 96 items Grolg
Most Common Item: 49 characters carrying Rope
Richest Character: 236000.00 gp Dargoth
Lowest Stats: 14, 20, 9, 10, 6, 5 (no name)
Most Played Nonhuman Race: 12 characters Elf
Most Played Class: 21 characters Fighter
Most Popular Alignment: 21 characters Neutral
Most Popular Game: 31 characters D&D 3.0
Age With Lowest Average Character Level: 4.00 Golden Age
Age With Highest Average Character Rating: 3.21 Age of Discovery
Age With Lowest Average Character Persistence: 1.65 Dark Age
Age With Most Game Types: 17 games Age of Discovery
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