Chapter 2, Fallen Hero

The zombies came up behind us and started to attack us, but we needed to stop Eric. Finally, I focused my shotgun on Eric and blasted him and he stopped moving. We felt something terrible rise out of Eric and rush past us. The fungus-walkers also collapsed, which was very lucky. I'm not sure we would have been able to get away from them. We drove Nathan home. He wasn't doing too well, which was understandable. He still offered us some tass (crystallized Mana) and a grimoire of rote spells, which we accepted. I apologized to him for the sad outcome and told him to visit if he ever needed us again. We left him and headed back to the office, discussing what had happened. We came to the conclusion that Eric's research must have triggered a terrible paradox and he had become possessed. That was when he commanded the spirit to begin spreading the spores. When we killed him, whatever possessed him released him and flew past us. However, it still doesn't explain the agents. I wonder why they went after him. End of Chapter 2
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