Chapter 3, New Threats

While we looked around, Desmond converted the doors into carbon steel to try to keep the goth kids out. I scried on the miscreants to see when they left the bar. We waited around, and the kids eventually came back to the church. They couldn't get through the steel doors, so they used Death magic to degenerate the doors and entered. They looked around some, and entered into the main hall, where we were waiting. Desmond and I were both pissed, so I we went right up and I said, "I thought I told you punks never to come back here. This is our property, and you are trespassing." One kid asked what we were going to do about it, so Desmond pulled out a shotgun and put it in front the young man's face. He exclaimed "Whoa!" and began to backpedal. Desmond had clearly frightened him and they turned and bolted for the door. Desmond, in a fit of rage, fired a shot at them, slightly hitting the young man. He screamed and ran faster. I couldn't believe Desmond actually shot at the teenagers. What a psycho.

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