Chapter 3, New Threats

Brian was horrified at Desmond's behavior and ran after the kids. I knew it was a lost cause, so I just hung around and watched from a window. Brian desperately shouted at the kids to slow down, apologizing profusely. He's such a wimp. The kids turned around and saw Brian, but before he could really say anything, Desmond walked out of the church with his gun and the kids bolted again, leaving trails of shadowy darkness behind them. Good riddance. This better be the last we see of those little jerks. The next day, Marcus approached us and said that he and Sarasvati had made some progress with their supercomputer. They had a reading of a possible disaster at a local hospital, other than the one that we visit frequently for gunshot wounds. The computer gave us actual coordinates, which was a lot better than before. I scried the location, and it was in a quarantine inside the hospital. Great. We drove out to the hospital to check it out. We went in the front door and approached the receptionist.
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