Chapter 3, New Threats

She asked who were here to see, and Brian proceeded to try to make up some lies. The receptionist didn't buy it, but Brian did haggle with her long enough that Desmond and I were able to just walk right past her towards the quarantine. As we walked down the hall, a doctor saw us and clearly didn't recognize us. He began to walk towards us, but I think Brian must have been watching us from down the hall. Just before the doctor got to us, a nurse stopped him and showed him some charts. The doctor looked at them, looked back at us, and then walked a different direction. Desmond and I continued to walk towards the quarantine area, and we eventually arrived at another desk. The woman behind the desk asked us what we needed, and I told her we needed to get into the quarantine area. She looked at us funny and said, "Uh, we don't let just anyone go in there. Even staff is required to wear a haz-mat suit at all times while inside."
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