Chapter 3, The Clinic

A few days passed without event, which we used to recover. However, on the third day, some people in suits and wearing shades entered the garage. I was unaware what was going on, but they introduced themselves as the FBI and began to question Desmond. Desmond answered all of their questions bluntly, as that's all he knows how to do. They asked him if we knew anything about the murder of Mark from the hospital, and then some more general questions about what we did. Desmond also told them about Marcus, which I probably wouldn't have done. They eventually came up to the private eye office and questioned me. I basically told them the same things - that we did investigative work and didn't murder people. They accepted it and went to talk to Marcus against my warning. Marcus was basically completely uncooperative and refused to answer any of their questions. As they left, I scried on them and heard them give an order to put a tail on us for a while. Just what we don't need.

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