Chapter 3, Enemies Abound

After a day or two of waiting, my friend in the government finally got back to me. He told me that the boarding school was called the Linderman Academy and was previously owned by someone named Sylvan Linderman. The property was later purchased by Fulcrum Properties, but Linderman was still listed as the headmaster. We decided to head over to the headmaster's place to see if we could learn anything. We arrived at the Linderman estate, which ended up being a huge household, complete with gate and private drive. We buzzed in at the gate and someone asked what we needed. Brian made some junk up about us having a "gifted" child that we wanted to enroll in the school and the person on the other end said that the headmaster was indeed taking appointments. He opened the gate for us and we drove up to the house and parked. The butler greeted us, but was clearly surprised at our appearance. Instead of rich parents, we were three men in a mechanic's jumpsuit, a long coat and scarf, and a wife beater and jeans.

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