C-bus. 11:56:18 AM 3/22/2010
This past weekend, I went to C-bus to meet up with Nate, Feezey, and Griff. The trip up was uneventful, which is how I like my road trips. I think I only passed two or three cops the entire way. Upon arriving, I had to go through two roundabouts in order to enter Nate's complex. Good thing I didn't turn left into them like Graymont. I was surprised to see that my GPS actually recognizes roundabouts and didn't simply say "turn right".

At Nate's new crib, he and Feezey were waiting for me outside. We immediately left and went to get lunch at the nearby Ghetto Burger. It was a tasty burger. We were about to leave, but saw some people advertising something on the sidewalk, dressed as Mario and Sonic. I didn't have my real camera on me, so I took a crappy cell phone photo, which I forgot to upload and will post when I get home tonight. We called Griff and he said he would hang out with us today, but he was buying new tires at the moment and would call when he finished. The three of us then went to the Tite Store to look for blu-rays, but their selection was disappointing and I only bought one. Nate bought some stupid hockey game and said it was Feezey's fault if it sucked.

After that, we went to Dave & Buster's for some pool. If I had known, I would have brought my pool stick with me. I even brought it to C-bus. At one point, Nate was breaking and he hit the cue ball really hard and jumped it completely over the rest of the balls and off the table. I think the people next to us said "whoa!" or something. Feezey ended up winning the most games, which sux. We then headed over to the games area and played "Let's Make a Deal". Nate went first and won the following number of tickets:
2 Tickets
I went next and Feezey told me to pick suitcase #6 before they had finished moving around. Nate agreed, but I picked #12 instead and opened #6 first thing to show them they were wrong. #6 had 400 tickets in it. I couldn't believe it. They wouldn't let that one go for the rest of the night. We played some basketball and trivia and left.
On the way back, Griff called again and said that he "couldn't leave his two new dogs alone" and wouldn't be able to meet up until later. Man, I hate horking mutts. So, the three of us played two rounds of Settlers of Catan. Nate horking won both games. The second game, he continually said that he was screwed from the very beginning and that I was the cause of it due to my settlement placement. As the game went on, I got 9 points and Nate and Feezey each had 5 or something. They both kept the robber on me constantly. Then, 12 or so turns passed without any of my numbers being rolled. Then another 9 or so. And Nate won. I was irate.

It was getting late, so Nate was too pissed to go to a sit-down place for dinner and forced us to go to Quizno's during the second Settlers game. And because Feezey hates Chipotle, which makes no sense at all. Nate remarked that the girl making the subs "would be hot if she weren't so emo." I think her hair was three different colors. We got back and Griff finally showed up. We played two rounds of Hearts, our Swing Hall pastime. Nate won the first game, and Feezey won the second by shooting horking twice, both tymes on Nate's pass. NAT. Griff also broke Nate's chair that he had just bought that week.

After that, I tried to get on Nate's wireless network, but he had it ultra-secure with WPA2, MAC address filtering, and hidden SSID. It seemed unnecessary to me, but Feezey seemed to think it was fine. I don't think a personal wireless network is really that much of a risk. Then the three of them played the stupid hockey game while I surfed. And then Feezey and Griff left and it was bedtyme.

Nate and Feezey woke me up at the horrendous hour of 10:45 and we played some more Settlers and ordered Jet's Pizza. The pizza was delicious, but Feezey basically hated it and compared it to Domino's. I finally won a game of Settlers, and then Nate won yet another one by a blowout. We must have rolled 50 9s that last game. Then, we all left for good and I went home and horked around for the rest of Sunday.


6 responses to "C-bus."

    3/22/2010 12:59:55 PM
Deal or no Deal Let's Make a Deal
Luke (edited once)
    3/22/2010 1:03:10 PM
Man, sounds like Nate is a Settlers ringer (he's an avid gamer as evident in my pic). That needs to be challenged. Settlers Tournament!
    3/22/2010 2:44:04 PM
HORK! That is not me in that pic, LUKE. And as far as my skills in Settlers, it was a lot more of luck than being a ringer.
    3/25/2010 7:37:11 AM
I = would like to see a picture of teh chair Griff broke
    3/25/2010 8:01:06 AM
Greg lies, it made a weird sound but it isn't broken.
    3/25/2010 12:07:15 PM
Yeah, it made a loud "crack" noise like wood splitting.

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