Remember Me. 6:12:17 PM 3/22/2010
I changed the way my site remembers people so that it is more secure. However, it still functions exactly the same: if you login and do not click "remember me", you have to enter your password each time. If you login and do click it, it will log you in automatically each time you visit the site using that specific browser on that specific computer. You can have the site remember you on multiple computers/browsers. If you click "logout", then the site will "forget" who you are on your current browser and computer.

This means that you have to login using your password one time. I bet all you chumps forgot your passwords. If that is the case, use the password recovery thing over there in the corner. And, like I've said before, you don't have to worry about using a "special" password for this site - I encrypt everyone's junk so I can't see it.

6 responses to "Remember Me."

    3/22/2010 10:10:31 PM
I chose my password specifically because I assumed you'd be reading it.
    3/23/2010 12:38:02 PM
or, use a good browser/add-on that remembers that junk for you
    3/23/2010 4:59:35 PM
Ma brain works great for me in remembering passwords. I don't trust the computers, someday they will rise up against us. We need to stay vigilant!
    3/24/2010 8:53:42 AM
Its fun to pretend
    3/25/2010 7:33:23 AM
I also chose my password under the assumption that G-Mo could see it.
    3/27/2010 7:11:55 PM
My password is "gregsuxdixalldaylong"

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