Houses. 12:06:41 PM 6/30/2010
On Sunday, Andy, Amy Grant, E-Top, and I all went and looked at a bunch of houses. It was mainly for Andy and Amy, since I think they are planning on moving fairly soon. I'm happy where I am, but it won't last forever. Someday the dream must end. So anyway, I went along and took a ton of pictures. E-Top is an accomplished handyman and will be purchasing a place for Andy and Amy to rent after he "flips" it. Consequently, the places we looked at were pretty well torn up and in need of repairs. It was kind of cool to look through all the abandoned places and see what people left behind. It was also hot, sweaty, and smelly - the first place particularly smelled of wet dog. We mainly looked in Northern Clifton and Oakley, which is significantly closer to work for me.

So anyway, it's a future prospect for me, since I basically plan on staying where I am for as long as possible. Pictures here.

4 responses to "Houses."

    6/30/2010 11:44:38 PM
A fixer up house sounds like a terrible idea. Houses are enough work when they are in good condition.
    7/1/2010 8:30:19 AM
I am with Luke on this one.
    7/1/2010 11:07:58 AM
Well, I wouldn't be doing any fixing up. That would be all E-Top. I wouldn't even consider a place if I had to do actual work.
    7/2/2010 7:17:32 PM
I sure do put my hands on my hips a lot.

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