Moved in. 12:34:02 PM 5/2/2011
I'm moved in thanks to the help of the army of people that showed up. I'll go over what happened up to now.

After the repairs were agreed to, I basically moved to the "Ok this is really going to happen" mindset. The house underwent an appraisal and then all that was left was the closing.

During the week before closing, I began to pack up all my junk, doing a little each night. It didn't seem so bad; just a little dusty. Unfortunately, I was pretty heavily distracted by watching Highlander and I didn't get as much done as I had hoped. At the end of the week, I had packed up my drum set, my gaming books, and a lot of miscellaneous junk.

On Friday, I went to the house, checked the few repairs, and went to the closing at the real estate office. The closing was basically just a ton of signing. At the end, the closing person was just about out the door and I realized she hadn't taken my down payment. I made sure to crack a joke about how she was lucky I was honest.

After the closing, I went back home and packed all day. I couldn't believe how much junk I had. It was like I would pack up some junk and there would be more underneath it. I made a lot of progress on Friday and packed up most of my possessions. There was a narrow passage through the family room because so many boxes were stacked up. I still had a few things left, but I figured I could get it done before leaving for Oxford on Saturday.

Unfortunately, those "few" things ended up being all of my clothes and bedsheets, as well as my computer and many things laying around the condo. After a few hours on Saturday, the chances of actually making it to Oxford looked grim. I had to do laundry all day because basically all my clothes needed to be washed. Packing up the computer was also a pain as always. Even after packing up that junk, I had to dust everything, which was gross. Nate's dad would have been super pissed. I used compressed air to blow off all the small piles of dust and then spray duster to clean off the crusted-over dust. I hope I never let it get that bad again. I also had to partially disassemble my desk because it would not fit through the door. By this tyme, it was evening and too late to go to Oxford. I had really wanted to go, so it was disappointing.

The next day was moving day. I got up earlier than I do for work and went to my parents' house. My dad and I went and got the moving truck and went back to his house to pack up my table and chairs purchased from P. Diddy. We then went back to the condo for the real moving. Peter made it to the condo a minute or two before me and called me because he thought he might have come to the wrong place. I didn't answer my phone because I was driving. After my dad made it with the truck, we started the process. People showed up one by one and everything got into the truck. Even though we had to go down several flights of stairs, it wasn't too bad because they are very open to allow turning.

I did a final check and found a few more things and then my dad drove away while I vacuumed all the dust and junk all over the floor. It was really bad. Ryan, Peter, and I then drove caravan-style to the house. Unloading took even less tyme and we had only one task remaining. Peter, Ryan, Josh B., and I drove over to my Aunt Nancy's house where she had some furniture ready for me. Getting the moving truck set up was a pain because she lives on an extremely busy street (think highway-busy) but we got everything in. We then made the final trip to the house and got the furniture out.

My dad, brother, and Amy Grant departed and took the moving truck back, while my mom and sister went on a shopping trip to get me a lot of essential things that I didn't have, such as plates and utensils. The rest of us sat around and ate pizza and drank some drinks. Afterwards, we got Rock Band set up and played some of that before people took off.

Later that evening, my mom and sister and I went to Home Depot to pick up a few more things and then met my dad at Baba India. After eating, it was just me in my empty house. I did some more unpacking and assembled my DVD/Blu-ray rack. After it was done, I left the remaining parts and box on the floor BECAUSE I CAN. HAHA. Take that, everyone who has ever told me to pick something up.

That night was pretty crappy in terms of sleep. It felt like I was in a hotel or something. I was alone (for basically the first tyme ever) in an unfamiliar place. It still doesn't even feel like it's my new home. On the plus side, the drive to work is now 5 minutes and 1.5 miles as compared to 25 minutes and 13 miles before. And just to top it off, today just so happens to be Chipotle Monday.

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    5/2/2011 5:22:24 PM
Earlier than you get up for work = noon?
    5/2/2011 11:01:09 PM
Thanks for giving my dad a shout-out.

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