The Invasion. 6:13:25 PM 6/16/2011
I've been living in my house for over a month now. After the first few weeks, I killed a centipede in my house. A few days later, another. I began to notice that they kept showing up every few days. Now it's several weeks later and I see one almost every night. I squish them relentlessly, but they keep coming back. I think they are either coming from the cell or else the garage. After reading about them, centipedes apparently like dark, damp places with bugs for them to eat. The cell is 3 for 3 on that. I'm going to get a dehumidifier tonight, which will hopefully dry it out and kill the pillbugs living there. I also saw one shoot in underneath the door to my garage. I wonder if there's some kind of weather strip or something to block the bottom of the door. I'm also going to try to get some kind of insecticide. The multipeds must be destroyed.

This morning, I walked into my shower and one of the monsters crawled onto my arm. I assume it was waiting on the shower curtain to ambush me. It felt like a tickle, like brushing a spider web. After panicking for a moment, I slew the thing. I've lost count of the number of multipeds I've stomped.

I don't want to hire an exterminator. I'm a little worried about the chemicals they employ, and they are also very expensive. As long as I crush every multiped that I see, their numbers will eventually be depleted, right?

I think there should be an achievement for killing this many of the stupid things.

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