Pulling a Luke. 6/28/2008
Today, Mike W. and I headed over to Bodmer's graduate housing building to help him move his junk to a new place, about four blocks away. However, by the time we arrived, just about everything had already been moved. So we moved a few small tables and a mattress and went to Chipotle, which there isn't one of in Highland Heights.

Tomorrow we're starting our first D&D 4.0 campaign (except for Andy, who is so cool he's already played once). The group seems to be me (DM), Andy, Bodmer, Ryan, Eriq, and Erik. We'll see how things go. We're using a premade adventure because we're all learning and it will make things easier. In addition, it guarantees that I have material, and that the material probably doesn't suck. We probably won't actually play tomorrow, but people will make characters, which will probably be a lengthy process. Maybe I'll post again after tomorrow with people's characters. So far, 4.0 seems like it's going to be a lot of fun.

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