4.0 "seems pretty good." 6/30/2008
The characters are as follows:

Andy: Dwarf wizard
Ryan: Human warlord
Eriq: Dragonborn paladin
Bodmer: Halfling rogue
Erik: TBD (not able to attend)

I was surprised that the characters really stuck to their roles. Andy hit a lot of stuff at once, Ryan supported and healed people, Eriq took a lot of hits, and Bodmer did a lot of damage to single targets. I feel the combat went pretty well, considering the party only had four heroes instead of five. Overall, feedback on the campaign and 4.0 in general has been positive. I think I'll keep a separate page for recaps and other campaign-related info. I'll place a link on here as soon as it's done.

2 responses to "4.0 "seems pretty good.""

    7/25/2008 4:40:12 PM
I like to cut stuff.
    7/25/2008 4:53:52 PM
"Ah'll cutchu, bwoy."

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