YETI at Kings Island. 8/14/2008
Yesterday was YETI Day at Kings Island. Nate came over the night before and stayed over and we played some Rock Band. He was pretty impressed with the Destroyer Pedal. What's even better is that Nate immediately recognized The Who songs on Rock Band as CSI theme songs. Nate and I departed the next morning for Kings Island and we arrived at about 9:45. Unfortunately, Graymont and Prose had only just left the hotel, so we looked for some food. We ended up at Skyline at 10:00, right as the park opened. Skyline for breakfast. YETI arrived shortly after, and I will summarize the day's events.

  • Me getting my "weapon" taken from me by security.
  • Prose yelling "Yeeeeaaah boyeeeee!" about 20 times during one ride.
  • Kid employee noticing my WoW "Tank" shirt and saying something to me as he passed, but I couldn't tell what he said.
  • Trenton repeatedly saying "I don't like this!" while riding Invertigo (formerly Faceoff).
  • Cannon's surprise at me knowing about the "fierce" picture.
  • Emo girls ahead of Nate and I in line for the Vortex first slapping each other, then one of them saying "I'm really smart." Right before getting on the ride, Nate brought up the song "Handlebars" by Flobots and the one wearing red pants turned around and said "I can ride my bike with no handlebars!" to me. I responded with, "That's very talented."
  • Some girl yelling "Let's go get some Dippin' Dots!" right as Nate was telling me how pissed they got him.
  • Carnival games employees talking to each other across the the "street" by using the megaphones.
  • Seeing "NAT" written on the wall in the line for the Flight of Fear.
  • Carnival games operator playing an acoustic guitar while waiting for people to play.
  • Guy operating the Son of Beast that repeatedly mashed the intercom button to the beat of some songs. His coworker loudly slammed the loose items box shut and stood on it so no one could put anything in it.
  • After arriving back at the station from Son of Beast (different time than above) a different operator starting talking about "Ohio Revised Code section blah blah whatever, YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE AND DON'T DO IT AGAIN." As the ride attendant let us out, he said, "You're going to jail." I still don't know what it was all about.
  • While riding the Backlot Stunt Coaster (formerly Italian Job) me yelling "YOU!!!" and pointing at people as we passed under the line for the ride.
  • Girl ahead of us while ascending the first hill of The Beast:
    Her: "Hi."
    Me: "Sup."
    Her: "Are you scared?"
    Me: "No."
    Her: "I'm getting scared."
    Me: "I think we'll be okay."
  • Me giving rock "devil horns" sign to some people in line that were doing the same to some of the passengers.

  • If I remember any more, I'll put them up.

3 responses to "YETI at Kings Island."

NateHudd (edited twice)
    8/14/2008 2:59:38 PM
I'm pretty sure the Ohio Revised Code was from The Beast, not its child.
    8/18/2008 8:41:26 AM
what weapon were you trying to sneak in?
    8/18/2008 9:43:36 AM
My pocket knife. The thing is so small that I'm not quite sure how I'd hurt someone with it.

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