Cedar Point. 8/16/2008
I clearly did not get enough roller coaster action at Kings Island, so I went to Cedar Point on Friday. I drove up to Luke's place in Troy, then he drove to Kyle's place in Cleveland. We got in pretty late, so we just went to sleep. The next day, we got to Cedar Point right as it opened at 10:00 and waited for everyone else to arrive, which took around an hour. The day's summary is as follows:

  • Ride operator for Maverick saying that the XXX-foot hill was only 10 feet higher than her voice. She was definitely right.
  • Ride operator for Magnum beatboxing over the intercom.
  • Height checker for the Raptor just holding his hand up at the people in line without saying anything, and then using his height measuring stick as a beatstick to whack the guardrail that some kids were sitting on. Again, saying nothing.
  • Ride operator for some ride (I forget) making strange sounds and then saying "What are you doing!?" over the intercom to someone for unknown reasons.
  • Getting pelted with bugs while riding Millennium Force at night. I'm pretty sure I swallowed at least one.

So basically, it seems like Cedar Fair tells its ride operators to just act goofy and say whatever the hork pops into their minds over the intercom, as this happened repeatedly at both amusement parks this week. I think it's hilarious and certainly encourage it. Overall, I'd rank Cedar Point higher than Kings Island, as it's larger, somewhat nicer-looking, and has more roller coasters. All in all, a good week.

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    8/17/2008 5:22:46 PM
I also enjoyed the fact that 15+ people asked me where I got my shoes. It's as if they had never seen green feet before. And what da hork is Cedar Fair?
    8/17/2008 7:05:35 PM
You're right, I forgot to mention your toe-things. And Cedar Fair is the entertainment company that owns Cedar Point, Kings Island, and some other places. I mentioned them instead of just Cedar Point because the ride operators at Kings Island did similarly bizarre things.

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