Password is restored to its former glory. 9/5/2008
It seems my website came under attack a few days ago. Someone or something attacked the character table in my database, and I'm not quite sure how. There is only one page capable of modifying that table, and it was in one of my hosting provider's "protected directories." All of the other pages that are capable of modifying other tables in my database use my login system for security, and none of their tables were attacked. Restoring the table was a huge pain, but it's back and now I'm using my login security instead of the "protected directory," so hopefully it doesn't happen again. I'm definitely backing up my database more frequently from now on.

3 responses to " is restored to its former glory."

    9/9/2008 11:48:57 AM
Shouldn't the title of this post be: is restored to its former "glory."
    9/9/2008 2:50:12 PM
Haha. Agreed. And what about a Session 6 summary?
    9/10/2008 9:37:26 AM
The session 6 summary will get done when it's good and ready.

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