Rock Band 2 and Hurricanes. 9/15/2008
So, yesterday I went and got Rock Band 2 (and a free shirt). Bodmer and Eriq came over and we got through about 4 songs before the power went out due to the hurricane-force winds. Forever. We sat around and talked about junk, and basically horked around all day. The power never came back on and Bodmer left and Eriq and I went to look for food, since I couldn't heat anything up. Unfortunately, nowhere had any power, so we gave up and he left and I ate some cereal. I got about 2 hours sleep last night (which is normal for a Sunday) and was disgruntled to see that we still don't have any power, although all the other apartments in our complex do. That really got me pissed. Looks like it'll be at least a week before I can do anything at all at home. Horking hork.

2 responses to "Rock Band 2 and Hurricanes."

    9/24/2008 4:34:05 PM
I was as pissed as you. I wanted to play rock band!
    9/25/2008 9:24:38 AM
Yeah. That day was a great disappointment.

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