Segway. 9/18/2008
I had the rare opportunity to ride a Segway at work today. It was a very interesting ride - the thing responds to your center of gravity changing. So, you drive the thing by leaning. And it's hard. You really have to fight the urge to balance yourself, as the Segway does all of the work and won't move if you're balanced. The key to a (relatively) safe ride is to avoid sudden movements, as the thing will heavily compensate (but not overcompensate) and your body won't adjust well. I took it easy and was pretty cautious, as I had a lot of trouble making myself not balance. However, one of my coworkers decided to speed up and took a sharp turn going at max speed. Needless to say, he flew off of the Segway and into the side of a van in the parking lot. He was fine, so it was hilarious. The Segway was very cool, but it's ultimately just a really horking expensive toy.

Also, my power came back on on Monday. Some of my friends and coworkers still do not have it, so I feel very lucky to have gotten it back so soon.

2 responses to "Segway."

    9/19/2008 6:51:42 PM
Segways are for bitchz...suits u well
    9/19/2008 8:12:06 PM
Thanks. If I had a Segway I would try to run into you with it.

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