Crank, Winton Woods, Poison. 10/6/2008
On Friday, some people came over to get crunk while watching Crank ("It's craaaaaank"). They played a drinking game which featured the following rules:

1. Drink when Chev Chelios gets cranked.

2. Drink for explosions.

3. Drink when someone gets a beatdown.

4. Drink when you see an animal.

Midway through the movie, TJ added the rule of drinking for nudity as well. Of course I didn't participate, but I watched the movie because it's highly enjoyable. Josh B. probably got the most crunk out of everyone - he was a mess. After the movie, people got into political debates and I wasn't really interested.

On Saturday, Eriq and I drove out to Winton Woods for some disc golf. After some initial difficulty finding the course, partially due to some misinformation from an old person (what would you expect?), we found the course. It was quite a bit shorter than Banklick Woods, and not in the forest. However, despite being out in the open, Winton Woods had the most fiendish tree placement I have ever seen. Frequently, the basket would be entirely surrounded by thick groves of trees, making approaches nigh impossible. The courses were physically very short, usually well under 300 ft., but the pars were almost always 4 due to the extreme density of trees. Overall, I'd rate Winton Woods higher than Woodland Mound, but not as challenging as Banklick Woods.

I completely forgot to mention the car that passed us as we were about to turn onto Alexandria Pike. It was a an old-looking car, completely jacked up on these horking giant truck wheels with white plastic-looking rims. It looked like you'd need a ladder to get into the car. These two ghetto guys were driving the car, and I made a wu-tang hand signal to them, but I don't think they saw. It might have been the most ridiculous car I've seen IRL ever.

On Sunday, Andy, Ryan, and I went to Eriq's to play in his campaign, since we weren't able to run mine this weekend. Poison (Tomb-carver, Murder) has a lot of secrets. Looks like it's Spycraft next weekend.

2 responses to "Crank, Winton Woods, Poison."

    10/7/2008 7:20:59 PM
You forgot to mention the "Ghetto-Monster-Mobile."
    10/7/2008 7:38:34 PM
Hork! I completely forgot. I'll add it in.

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