Ren Fest and a Box. 10/19/2008
Yesterday, Mike W., Josh B., and I headed out to the Renaissance Festival. We ended up attending The Swordsmen, The Mudde Show, and the Full Armour Joust. The Swordsmen were funny as always, although their show was exactly the same as previous years. The Mudde Show was horking hilarious because the audience volunteer really got into it and ended up unexpectedly tackling one of the presenters into the mudde. Also, one of the presenters chased another into the crowd, stepping across the benches. He almost fell once, and put his muddy hand on a bald guy's head, leaving a muddy handprint. As we left the Mudde Show, the same presenter stood by the door and offered free hugs (as he was covered in mudde) and someone actually hugged him and got covered. The Full Armour Joust was a let down, as we got there just as it was starting. The very first pass ended up in one of the riders getting dismounted (which I have never seen before), but the guy must have been legitimately horked up because he was unable to continue and the joust was over. Mike W. also tried to climb Jacob's Ladder without using his hands, but was unable. The guy running it was able to do it effortlessly, of course. Finally, we went to the Safer Sword Shoppe and I got a second Safer Sword, after ruthlessly beating Mike W. with the ones the people let us test out.

We got back, and then Mike W. set up a bowling night. It ended up being him, Lashanna, Anna, and me, since Josh B. was too pissed to play. In addition, Mike W. brought a small clear carrying case that he stole from Josh B. and had become obsessed with. He came up with the strange idea of trying to find random junk to put in the box. So we picked up Anna and Lashanna after getting lost in Clifton, and then went to Newport and went to Gameworks for a bit. We played the target practice game, but the third target seemed to be broken, as none of us were able to hit it ever. Then we played the basketball game and Mike W. somehow got 57 points, which is nutz. Finally we went to the bowling alley and it had all the blacklights and music on and junk. We bowled three games, Mike W. winning the first one, and me winning the next two. On the way back, taking the ladies home, Mike W. suddenly ran out of the car and stole a "" sign on the side of the road, which reminded me of college days. A weird and fun night, indeed.

6 responses to "Ren Fest and a Box."

    10/19/2008 4:22:23 PM
So did you bang (Lash)Anna?
    10/20/2008 9:35:57 AM
What the hork is wrong with you?
    10/20/2008 12:57:49 PM
he didn't say no
    10/20/2008 1:14:02 PM
Bow-chicka bow-wow!
    10/20/2008 1:14:12 PM
Pix or it happened.
    10/20/2008 1:27:33 PM
I hate you all.

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