And now, for something different... 10/25/2008
I added the ability to upload user images. Each user is allowed to keep one image on the site, and the maximum size is 75x75 pixels, so that it will fit in with comments. Head to the user info page (by clicking your name in the menu bar) to upload a picture. Now, I know that some of you will probably upload an offensive image, so don't be surprised if I delete it. Just a warning, NATE.

6 responses to "And now, for something different..."

    10/25/2008 6:13:50 PM
I'm guessing you are referring to some other Nate...
    10/26/2008 3:56:33 AM
"Nate" Turner.
    10/27/2008 8:58:55 AM
    10/27/2008 7:21:54 PM
I still don't have admin status. Didn't you say you were going to fix that?
    10/28/2008 12:27:07 AM
Giving you admin status would be like giving a hand grenade to a child. Or maybe more like giving a hand grenade to an educated and very malicious person.
    10/28/2008 4:45:34 PM
You're just saying that because of the avatar.

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