Weekend. 11/17/2008
On Friday, I went and saw Quantum of Solace with Mike W., Andy, and Amy (who has recently returned from Germany). I enjoyed the movie, although not as much as Casino Royale. I just didn't get the same feeling of the villain plotting to destroy the world in this one. However, I think Daniel Craig (two first names) plays an excellent James Bond, albeit more "down and dirty" rather than a ladies' man.

On Saturday, I went to Andy and Amy's place to watch the UFC pay-per-view. I don't really follow UFC and am not very knowledgeable about it in general, but I do like seeing people fight. Especially when they are Brock Lesnar. Lesnar won again, putting him at 3-1, and heavyweight champion (if that's what it's called). I just want him to win because he's a former WWE professional wrestler, but everyone else seems to hate him.

On Sunday, I basically did nothing the entire day. Mike W. and I finished Gears of War 2 co-op. That game is a lot of fun.

2 responses to "Weekend."

    11/18/2008 10:35:37 AM
Az fun az WoW?
    11/18/2008 12:53:06 PM
At the tyme I last played it, very much so.

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