Long weekend. 12/1/2008
Well, the long weekend is already over. I'll try to summarize the not-so-exciting events.


Mike W., Josh B., X-tina, Josh V., Andy, Amy, and I all met at Newport to see Transporter 3. Mike W. had seen the first two and was pretty excited about this one. I, on the other hand, had no idea what I was getting myself into. But as many of you already know, I like going to see movies that I know absolutely nothing about. I know it's weird, but whatever. Anyway, the movie turned out to be absolutely ridiculous, with Jason Statham beating up at least ten guys at once and doing physically impossible things with his car. I enjoyed it, as I found most of the stunts completely unrealistic, and therefore hilarious. Unfortunately, Josh V. was pretty pissed by the end of the movie and I thought he might throw a chair through a window or something. Afterwards, people (other than me) wanted to go to a bar, specifically the Irish Pub in Newport that I don't think anyone actually knows the name of. Unfortunately, all the bars in Newport were closing at Midnight, which was in about five minutes. So we left and some people wanted to stop and get drinks, and some people wanted food, and we eventually ended up back at Mike W.'s and my place, after a few people got stuck outside. We played some Rock Band and I got to show people my new (though incomplete) drum set.


I went to my parents' around 1-something to fix yet another thing on my mom's computer, and then we all departed for my Grandma's house for "Kthxgiving." Nothing crazy happened, but it was good to see people again, and the food was excellent.


The day was uneventful, but then some people came over that night to play some drinking games. Kate, TJ, Josh V., Jessica, and Jay came over and played some kind of strange game called "Thumper." I had never heard of it before, but basically, people sit in a circle and pat their legs (making sort of a "thumping" sound I guess) and say a rhyme, and then one person chooses a category and people take turns saying things in the category until either someone can't name one, or else someone laughs. That's it. It was pretty strange, but I guess people liked it. Then Mike W. put in Jingle All The Way and people drank when Arnold made his trademark noises, when Sinbad got pissed, whenever anyone said "Turbo," and whenever anyone saw an animal. That movie is actually pretty funny, especially when Arnold punches the reindeer. Kate got really pissed, of course. Throughout the course of the night, Kate managed to spray TJ with beer from her nose (which I nearly died laughing at) and also fart directly in his face when they were wrestling. I thought it was a pretty dirty move, but also very funny.


I started playing Mario Galaxy, which I've had since last Christmas. It's turning out to be really fun, although frustrating at points. Other than that, I did nothing on Saturday, which was excellent.


Earlier, my dad had asked me to help move a new refrigerator for my Aunt, so I went over to the parents' place again and my dad and I met her at Home Depot. She bought a floor model refrigerator at a discount, but because of this, they wouldn't deliver it to her, which was stupid. So, we rented a Home Depot van and dolly and took it back ourselves. Getting the fridge up the stairs was hard, as it was really horking heavy, but my dad and I managed to do it without destroying anything. Unfortunately, getting the old fridge out of the kitchen was another story. First of all, the fridge was basically glued to the floor because of all the junk that had built up underneath it. Second, it was in a little alcove of the kitchen that was just barely large enough to accommodate it, so getting it out was a pain. Finally, it didn't horking fit through the door to the kitchen. So, after much headache, we took the handles off the thing and managed to get it out. I wanted to just throw it down the stairs to the house and see what happened, but no one else seemed to want to. We then tried to take the doors off the old thing and my dad ended up destroying the screwdriver we were using. Great. So then, we went back in and moved the new fridge in, but my aunt wanted to change her water filter since the water was turned off. She changed it and hooked everything back up, and we turned the water back on. Water promptly shot everywhere in her basement, soaking everything. It was nasty. After more headaches, my dad somehow got the filter on properly, but it still leaked a tiny bit. We decided to call it a day and took off. As we were leaving, an old lady took one of the trays out from the fridge on the curb. That was fast. Overall, I'm pretty sure everything that could go wrong did go wrong. We went to Ryan's for dinner, which is one of my underrated favorites, and I went home.

So, that's that, and now it's back to horking work again. I can't wait until December 12th is over. Also, this is my "Nintendo 64th" post. Woohoo.

3 responses to "Long weekend."

    12/2/2008 8:31:17 AM
Heh heh heh. Man, moving that fridge sounded like an x-cellent time. I'm bummed I missed out. Did the new fridge happen to be Samsung? One of my friends bought a new one from them and it iz horkin' amazing. When the doors open light shines from the 'bove and angels burst into song. Itz great.
    12/2/2008 9:24:05 AM
I definitely should have called you up to help. And, I'm pretty sure it was a Maytag.
    12/9/2008 6:54:50 PM
Apparently the guy sitting next to you through the whole movie did not exist.

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