It's been awhile. 3/21/2008
The Archive's UI got a lot better. The whole "throw random buttons at the top" style just wasn't doing it for me. Also, I decided that the original character sheets had a lot more class than the digital sheets I created. But then again, the digital sheets can be searched and organized and junk. Solution: use both. So, I'm in the process of uploading all my character sheets, which is going to take horking forever. But it will be worth it. In the meantime, 5 or 6 characters are already up, in no particular order, though generally near the newer end. In other news, a new photoshop was added. I even have bumper stickers of it. I added a link to the Headley article on the WoW TCG site because it's interesting. And finally, for old time's sake, I uploaded my old "website" that used to occupy this domain. So, that's it.

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