Layout change. 2/6/2009
I made a very obvious change to the layout of the front page of my blog (the one you're probably looking at). There's a new column on the right that lists the most recent comments people have made. I wanted people to be able to comment on older posts and not have them go unnoticed, and it also simplifies seeing what's current on here. I also added a list of blogs I read. I figure I should give credit where it's due. If your blog isn't on there, tell me and I'll add it. Although, I must warn you that I will probably read it from now on.

6 responses to "Layout change."

    2/6/2009 11:26:04 AM
Sa-weet! The comments updater is such a good idea and it fits in well with the rest o' your Blog page. I'm a fan. How about that session 7 update?
    2/6/2009 11:43:25 AM
I guess that will be next on the agenda. Just like it has been all this tyme.
    2/6/2009 12:52:51 PM
Look! I can see my comment from the front page!
    2/6/2009 4:27:10 PM
The new coloumn is white text on white background for me, making it a bit hard to read. It could be because I'm at work using some ancient version of IE.
    2/6/2009 5:05:08 PM
I'll see if I see anything that might hork IE up.
MajinAce (edited 6 times)
    2/6/2009 6:21:21 PM
My comment gets cu...

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