V-Day weekend. 2/16/2009
The title of this post is a little misleading, since I didn't do anything for Valentine's Day. On Thursday (technically not the weekend, but whatever) Andy, Amy, Eriq, and I all went to Dirty Jack's to see Tyson's band "Schallkrieg" play. I think I would call their music progressive metal, which I seem to like. They were really loud and the show was cool to watch. It was the first time I had ever gone somewhere to see a live band play, at least that I can recall. In addition, I bought their demo CD, which would be the very first music CD I have ever purchased, if it counts. It's interesting to see how my interest in music has changed as a result of Rock Band. I used to have zero interest whatsoever and now I would say I have "very little interest." I still don't listen to music in the car and very rarely at work, but I at least can recognize some songs (the ones from Rock Band) and different genres.

On Friday, Andy, Eriq, and Topham came over and we played Descent again. This time, Andy had the bad luck and rolled horribly for most of the game and got pissed. However, he still ended up winning, which was cheap.

On Saturday, Mike W., Josh V., and I went out to bars. I went because I was bored and felt like doing something, even though bars are usually my least favorite place to be. We went to Hofbrauhaus, which I have never liked. It's in Kentucky, so it's smoky, and it's also perpetually overcrowded. Seriously, it's like a Chinese subway:

I simply do not understand the appeal of standing up against other people in a smoky room, yet everyone and their mother goes there every night. To make matters worse, the majority of the people at the bar were old people, which even got Mike and Josh pissed. It must have been a Valentine's Day thing. After Mike and Josh finished their beers, we walked over to Newport on the Levee and went to Bar Louie. That place was also very crowded, but at least there was room to stand. There were no tables, so we ended up just sitting on the comfy furniture near the front of the place. It was actually pretty nice. Kate and TJ met us there and we hung out. Mike's Facebook stalker was also there and saw him. It was the first time they had met IRL, so she introduced herself and junk and Mike was pissed. He had to avoid her the rest of the night. A guy and his date also sat down on the furniture near us, and he introduced himself as Dylan, the Assistant Director of Security at Newport. It was strange. Mike's stalker left before us, and basically stared at Mike as she walked past us towards the doors. It was awesome. We eventually left and hit White Castle, and then went home.

On Sunday I had to go in to the office for 4.5 hours, which sucked.

3 responses to "V-Day weekend."

    2/24/2009 1:32:49 PM
A guy I work with said this to me via IM today - Glenn Ferguson says: im not quite sure what is happening right now Paul says: me neither but it's looking like I need to unhork Java Thought you'd enjoy that...
    2/24/2009 2:59:48 PM
Hahaha! Awesome.
    2/24/2009 3:03:07 PM
That's excellent. I'm always very happy to see others use that word.

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