Weekend. 3/31/2009
Just an update on the weekend. On Thursday, Ryan did the mystery plays for our new M.A.G.E. campaign. We have a traveling librarian, a tough car mechanic, and a washed up rock guitarist. It should be interesting to see how our group gets along.

On Saturday, Andy, Amy, Mike W., and I went to the Irish Pub, where they screwed up lots of things. Andy's glass had some lipstick on it, the fries he shared with Amy had bacon on them, Amy's drink was diet, and Andy's meal was missing the cole slaw. Despite all these setbacks, the food was really good. I got a grilled steak salad which was excellent. After that, we headed over to Gameworks to play some games and get crunk. Andy and I played a dinosaur hunting game which was actually really cool. It had a separate touchscreen that allowed us to control exactly where we walked, which was very different from most shooters. In addition, you had to actually aim with guns' sights, as there was no crosshair on the screen. This would have been cool, but the guns' sights weren't straight and so aiming was really hard. Later, Andy and I played Virtua Tennis 3 and I won with Andy Roddick, who had hilarious facial expressions in the game. Andy was pissed. I also played the "Deal or No Deal" game, which was really fun. I ended up taking a deal for 106 tickets. Not bad, although if I had just opened my case I would have won 200. Oh well. Andy and Mike W. also played some of the crane games. Andy won a stuffed Mickey Mouse in a gondola and Mike W. won a stuffed Bart Simpson. Those ticket games are actually pretty fun. Mike W. and I hung around on the couches near the entrance for a while and he did some "observation." I thought it was a great night, but I guess everyone else was pissed.

4 responses to "Weekend."

    4/1/2009 2:16:54 PM
I'm only pissed that you think everyone else was. I had an awesome time!
    4/1/2009 3:13:52 PM
Gameworks rox! I can't believe how much they messed up your food. That's a bummer.
    4/1/2009 3:19:37 PM
I should have said that Andy and Mike W. were pissed because going to Gameworks != playing Gears of War 2. And the food wasn't that big a deal. Andy and Amy got new drinks, Amy just et Mike W.'s cole slaw, and picked the bacon off the fries.
    4/1/2009 3:29:13 PM
yeah, after the drink stuff I was too annoyed to have them fix the fries. It helped they were skimpy with the bacon and most on the bottom avoided contact all together. I like that the server didn't believe it was diet. Usually we only have to deal with servers getting mine and Andy's drink orders confused because--omg it must be the girl with the diet... Andy can correct me if I'm wrong but I think he ended up having a fun time too.

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