The Roller Derby. 4/13/2009
So, this weekend was really horking busy, which I dislike. However, on Saturday we went to the Roller Derby at Cincinnati Gardens at my dad's request. I had no idea what to expect, but it was pretty entertaining.

Basically, the "track" consists of an oval marked onto concrete with two lines on one edge. The girls all line up on the first line, creating a "pack." Two girls called "jammers" get on the second line and try to skate past the pack while getting shoved around and junk. It was pretty intense. Plus, all the girls had names that usually incorporated some kind of painful word into their real names. Example: "Killian Destroy" and "Sadistic Sadie." Some names were better than others. Cincinnati ended up winning the second game, but it was really close. Anyway, it was entertaining, and I'd probably go again.

On Sunday, I officially canceled Easter.

Today happens to be my birthday.

7 responses to "The Roller Derby."

    4/13/2009 10:57:20 PM
Why cancel Easter? And Happy Birthday!
    4/14/2009 11:53:45 AM
Thanks. I canceled it because I was too pissed.
    4/14/2009 12:54:31 PM
I'm not sure that you can 'cancel' a holiday that is based on a made up event.
    4/14/2009 1:26:37 PM
"Church is just like school except everything you learn is fake." -Bert
    4/16/2009 3:37:35 PM
So you are all still Luke's friends?
    4/17/2009 10:08:34 AM
Some of us more than others.
    4/17/2009 10:27:15 AM

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