Burning. 6/8/2009
Just an update from the weekend.

On Saturday, I drove out to Larimer's place in Mason for a cookout with some other college friends. People in attendance were me, Larimer, Laura, E-Town, Aaron, Andy, and Megan. We hung out and played a game called "Loaded Questions." It was a lot of fun and I was glad to see everyone again.

On Sunday, I went to the gym at around 3:00. When I got home, I proceeded to play video games. Shortly after starting, my stomach started to hurt. It wasn't bad, so I just ignored it. Unfortunately, it got worse. It felt like I was getting some heartburn, although I hadn't et anything spicy recently. I chewed some Tums and went back to playing. Well, the Tums didn't work and the burning got worse. At this point, I started to get worried. The pain in my upper stomach was becoming unbearable and I wasn't sure what to do. I sat back and tried to just wait it out to see if it would go away. It only worsened and my hands began to tingle. I started to panic and called my parents, though talking was difficult. They came and took me to St. Luke's hospital. Pretty much every second while I waited for them and in the car was torture. We got there and the waiting room was horking packed. Luckily, they got me in. I described my symptoms to the nurse and she took me to a bed. She told me to try to control my breathing because the tingling was being caused my hyperventilating. I did so, but it was very difficult because of the extreme pain. I waited a little longer, and then all of a sudden the burning got better. It still hurt, but it was tolerable and I was able to decline the pain medication they offered. They took an x-ray of me and everything looked ok. They also did a blood test, which I was not at all excited about. I waited around some more, and then the pain went away completely. It was so strange. It wasn't even gradual; it just stopped. All of the tests came back fine, they prescribed me some Nexium and pain medication, and I got the hork out. I've had heartburn before, but never like that. It was definitely the worst pain I've ever felt in my life. I'm just glad it wasn't a heart attack.

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    6/8/2009 11:12:15 AM
    6/8/2009 11:40:56 AM
Glad you're OK. Hospitals suck, that one visit will probably be like a billion dollars.
    6/8/2009 12:27:21 PM
Hork is right. Luckily, my work's health insurance is very good and I probably will only have to pay a deductible, which will be refunded to me.
    6/8/2009 12:39:53 PM
Ock! St. Luke to the rescue! Glad to hear you're feelin' betta.
NateHudd (edited once)
    6/8/2009 12:50:14 PM
Hopefully they use Cardinal Health products!
    6/8/2009 2:34:31 PM
I think it's safe to assume the absence of Cardinal Health products was the reason for your speedy recovery.
    6/12/2009 12:47:54 PM
I have had severe heartburn before. It hurt quite a lot, and the pain never stopped until I took meds. All in all, that horking sucks.

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