Oxford Reunion. 12:29:49 PM 11/9/2009
This weekend was the reunion of my Reid Hall friends in Oxford. Saturday morning, Nate arrived at my place and we played a game of Settlers of Catan. Nate unfortunately won by a ton. We got some B-Dubs and plotted our course to Oxford. I decided to take Rt. 27 all the way to Oxford instead of taking highways because it was more direct, and I thought it might save time. Unfortunately, I ended up on Rt. 127 instead of 27 and had to make a small detour. Once on 27, the traffic was pretty bad going through Colerain. It ended up taking longer than the highway even though it was much shorter. I should have just listened to the GPS.

Nate and I arrived at Miami and I parked by the CAB/new Goggin/Rec Centre inside the parking garage. We walked over towards Bachelor Hall to start discing, but on the way we passed something which neither of us had seen before. Some students appeared to be playing a game of Quidditch. The Harry Potter game. With brooms and everything. Now, I'm not a Harry Potter fan (I haven't read the books or seen the movies), so I probably don't have the the same appreciation, but this was weird. Nate and I just kind of walked past, and I tried to take a picture at a safe distance. Nate and I made it to the disc golf course and played through all 18 holes. One of the holes goes underneath a bridge, and two guys were hanging out on a horizontal part of one of the supports. Nate and I attributed it to being on Western Campus and continued on. Later, Nate had me take a picture of him jumping out of the bushes so he could send it to Larvis. I spent a lot of time throwing out of the woods, but I ended up winning by one hole. On the way back to the car, Nate and I saw some students loudly playing in a leaf pile. Again, what the hork?

Nate got a call that people were watching the football game at B-Dubs. So, Nate and I went to B-Dubs a second time and met up with Chad, Ken, Bert, Mathis, and Aaron. Strack also showed up eventually. After the game, we all went back to Strack's house and met up with E-Town, Larimer, Laura, Trueb, Cindy, and Font. People set up the beer pong table and got started. I eventually even played at Bert's request, although he did all of the drinking. We won two games pretty handily, but the third game came down to a tiebreaker thanks to Chad's amazing endgame throwing ability and me accidentally knocking over a cup in an attempted block. They won, but we had been ahead all game. Oh well.

We left Strack's went to Bagel and Deli, where people got some food and noticed a poor drunk girl that couldn't even keep her head up. Larimer got a photo of him standing next to her and she didn't even realize it. Mathis put her phone inside her purse (so she wouldn't lose it) and put the purse on her arm. She kind of looked dumbfoundedly at Mathis and then put her head back down. The guy behind the counter asked if she had someone to take her home, but she didn't even notice. I wonder if she made it home that night. Afterwards, people couldn't decide which bar to go to, so some went to Balcony, because it was its last night open before it closed down for good. Unfortunately, there was a horking $10 cover to get in, and that got most people pissed. The rest of us went to Steinkeller's, but people got pissed about the folk music and there was a $3 cover to get in there. Some people stayed, and the rest of us went to Mac and Joe's. We were now in three groups. We just kind of sat around and at some point Cindy, Trueb, and E-Town left. We got a call from Chad saying that Clark was working at Balcony and could get us in. We headed over, and sure enough, Clark came down and we got in. Balcony was pretty packed, and I was supposed to meet up with my sister there, but she had already left. I sent her a horking text message (because the place was way too loud to talk) and she eventually made it over with her friend Ashley (whom I had met at Amy's birthday dinner thing). They went over to the bar and Bert and I went over and the three of them did some shots of some junk that Clark prepared. I think Amy was pretty surprised that I knew Clark.

It was getting late and people were getting hungry again and wanted me to drive to McDonald's. However, Nate and I had agreed that we had to go to Tower To Go that night for old time's sake. Amy let us all use her ID card to pay for the junk since none of us had Diplomat meal plans anymore. The food was good and Mathis took the opportunity to say a lot of horked up junk, and to show me that he had stolen several pool balls from Balcony. What a klepto. We headed back and I returned Amy's card. She and Ashley were pretty determined that I not drive home that night (even though I obviously hadn't drunk anything) and implored us to stay at their house since many of the residents were gone for the weekend. So, Nate and I said goodbye to the group and once again walked back to the car to get it out of the garage. According to the website, you can't leave your car in the garage past 2:00 AM without a pass, and we made it out by 1:57.

I drove over to Amy's house ("Bored of Education") and parked behind it. Nate and I were about to walk in, when we saw Kate inside with another guy. She hadn't been with the group all night, so we figured she would find it pretty strange if two random guys just walked in. We waited around for a few minutes, and Amy and Ashley showed up and we went in with them. Amy showed us the rooms and I went to the bathroom. When I came out, there was a guy in the room I was going to sleep in. He gave me a nod and appeared to be writing a note or something. I just kind of stood outside the room awkwardly and he eventually walked out. I don't think he noticed me standing there. I went in and laid down, but there was some loud techno music blasting throughout the house. It didn't bother me too much, but I still couldn't sleep because I seem to have a hard time sleeping in unfamiliar places. Something about it sets off my allergies and my ears close up and I get a headache and junk. It's weird, but similar things happened to Nate, so I know I'm not crazy. Eventually, the music stopped, but I'm not sure if I ever got to sleep. Around 9:00 AM, someone tried to open the door and I investigated. It was Nate, and he was ready to roll. Apparently, someone had come into the room he was in and he was worried it was the girl whose room it was. We left, but later figured out that Kayli had come in, but it was Beth's room. Still pretty tite.

I didn't make the same mistake twice and took the highway home, which was much faster. Nate and I stopped at Perkins for breakfast and then he left. I took a nap and felt a little better. And thus ended the Great Reunion of 2009. After spending a day back at Miami, my closing thoughts are "Man real life sux."

4 responses to "Oxford Reunion."

    11/9/2009 2:54:18 PM
Man, I can't believe how many texts G-Money sent/received this weekend. I bet it was somewhere around 50. No joke.
    11/9/2009 7:46:16 PM
I'd say that is a pretty conservative estimate.
    11/9/2009 9:24:51 PM
I haven't even sent 50 in my life.
    11/12/2009 8:11:21 AM
I hear the iPhone is decent for texting, you should probably get one if you're gonna text so much.

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