The Great Timeline Map
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Using the Timeline

Welcome to The Great Timeline. This page lists many of the character sheets that we used to record the heroes of our adventures. I've always been sort of obsessed with character sheets, so after a lot of research, I've made a map of when each characters sheet was used, and what influences were a part of its creation.

Using the map

On the map, circles represent character sheets or outside influences, while arrows represent a direct influence from one entity to another. Blue circles are character sheets of my creation, red are Matt's, green are official D&D products, and purple are miscellaneous. If you are using the background, yellow represents Dragon Quest, red is D&D 2.0, green is D&D 3.0, and blue is D&D 3.5. Moving left to right on the map represents moving forward in time.

Viewing character sheets

After you have selected a character sheet, you can view a brief description and a list of influences, shown on the right. Below the description will be a list of thumbnails of the sheet, which you can click to view the pages.

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