Character Index

Golden AgeDragon QuestRegulusCleric106.4Hall of Fame
Golden AgeDragon QuestAbraxiusArch-Lich51.6
Golden AgeDragon QuestGlirkusWizard22.0
Golden AgeDragon QuestMotarThief/Wizard11.0
Golden AgeDragon QuestGregoricRanger11.8
Golden AgeD&D 3.0GrolgFighter/Weaponmaster187.2Hall of Fame
Dark AgeAlternityGreg HendricksTechnology Operative11.4
Dark AgeD&D 3.0PaelokCleric11.0
Dark AgeD&D 3.0Regulus IICleric71.0
Dark AgeD&D 3.0TyrealPaladin11.0
Dark AgeD&D 3.0LuciusCleric73.8Runner Up
Dark AgeD&D 3.0DaedolusPaladin11.0
Dark AgeD&D 3.0KenlongCleric11.0
Dark AgeD&D 3.0MalgorMonk51.0
Dark AgeD&D 3.0AltonRogue21.6
Dark AgeD&D 3.0PhrostRanger11.0
Dark AgeD&D 3.0EmberMonk11.0
Dark AgeD&D 2.0QuarionCleric21.0
Dark AgeD&D 3.0ArianRanger43.2Runner Up
Dark AgeD&D 3.0TiresiasRogue31.6
Dark AgeD&D 3.0(no name)Elementalist31.0
Dark AgeD&D 3.0Al'ThorWizard51.0
Dark AgeD&D 3.0AramilFighter/Sharpshooter71.0
Dark AgeD&D 3.0RegulusCleric31.0
Dark AgeD&D 3.0RheorixRanger91.0
Dark AgeD&D 3.0CarrickBard11.0
Dark AgeD&D 3.0GlirkusWizard31.8
Dark AgeD&D 3.0RegulusCleric61.0
Dark AgeStar Wars D20(no name)Jedi Consular21.0
Dark AgeD&D 3.0CorbinSorceror61.0
Dark AgeD&D 3.0BruengorFighter21.0
Dark AgeD&D 3.0BlaiseCleric/Templar81.0
Dark AgeD&D 2.0(no name)Rogue11.0
Dark AgeD&D 3.0MalusFighter61.4
Dark AgeD&D 3.0Zargron "Zarg"Fighter81.0
Dark AgeD&D 3.0RutherCleric21.0
Dark AgeD&D 3.0KarneFighter/Rogue107.2Runner Up
Age of RebirthD&D 3.0AramilFighter/Rogue31.0
Age of RebirthSpycraftVincent V.Wheelman21.2
Age of RebirthD&D 3.0Vincent V.Fighter21.2
Age of RebirthSpycraftMark AndersonSoldier81.0
Age of RebirthD&D 3.0(no name)Rogue121.0
Age of RebirthD&D 3.0JerickFighter/Rogue71.0
Age of RebirthD&D 3.5AlphonseRogue/Assassin154.2Runner Up
Age of RebirthD&D 3.5DargothCleric224.6Runner Up
Age of RebirthD&D 3.5(no name)Fighter101.0
Age of RebirthD&D 3.5(no name)Rogue101.0
Age of StrifeD&D 3.5Aramil SilvanestFighter/Rogue61.4
Age of StrifeD&D 3.5CaedrusFighter/Rogue201.0
Age of StrifeD&D 3.5NathanCleric21.0
Age of StrifeD&D 3.5Xantam(no class)102.4
Age of StrifeD&D 3.5BaldwinFighter31.0
Age of StrifeSpycraftAlex "Stonewall" CromwellSoldier51.0
Age of StrifeSpycraft"Gentleman" James SunderlandSoldier73.2Runner Up
Age of StrifeD&D 3.5RegulusCleric/Fighter91.6
Age of StrifeD&D 3.5Merdik the UninspiredWizard87.6Hall of Fame
Age of StrifeD&D 3.5Aleksandre Alphonse Minier du Chateaux "The Uninvited"Fighter106.8Hall of Fame
Age of StrifeD&D 3.5AlaronRogue61.0
Age of StrifeD&D 3.5ChestreFighter81.8
Age of StrifeD&D 3.5Nathaniel Reswald BaldwinFavored Soul122.2
Age of StrifeD&D 3.5Traven GodrickCleric/Radiant Servant of Pelor73.4
Age of StrifeD&D 3.5Captain GrimmFighter124.6Runner Up
Age of StrifeD20 ModernJohnny LockeFast21.0
Technology AgeD&D 3.5GraymontCleric/Healing Hand of Mishakal143.0
Technology AgeD&D 3.5Dhareq EnkallusFighter41.6
Technology AgeShifterJameson Bryant/Dr. Gorestein4.0
Technology AgeD&D 3.5Christoph ShazzScout134.0
Technology AgeD&D 3.5JaronFighter72.8
Age of DiscoveryShifterJosé Chimendez5.2Runner Up
Age of DiscoveryMageArthur Gordon GrahamObrimos/Adamantine Arrow23.6
Age of DiscoveryD&D 4.0DariusCleric73.2
Age of DiscoveryD&D 4.0JaronFighter111.8
Age of DiscoveryD&D 4.0Hector SalazarSwordmage111.4
Age of DiscoveryMageYarkus HochbergMastigos/Mysterium37.8Hall of Fame
Age of DiscoveryMutants and Masterminds(no name)82.8
Age of DiscoveryExaltedKirkDawn31.0
Age of DiscoveryStar Wars D6The Coynite7.2Hall of Fame
Age of DiscoveryD&D 4.0Merkus SpitespewerSwordmage63.0
Age of DiscoveryFantasyCraftZerkos DemokritosExplorer/Keeper58.4Hall of Fame
Age of DiscoveryD6 AdventureRobert W. Burnside2.6
Age of DiscoveryFantasyCraftCommander Charon XanthapusCaptain/Lancer53.2
Age of DiscoveryDark Heresy(no name)Guardsman2.4
Age of DiscoveryBattletech(no name)1.2
Age of DiscoveryWHFRPJürgen TulstorAssassin12.8
Age of DiscoveryFantasyCraftStolidusMartial Artist/Sage74.0
Age of DiscoveryFantasyCraftCecil LegrandEmissary33.2
Age of DiscoveryFantasyCraftAdrian FurnauPriest42.8
Age of DiscoverySpycraft 2.0(no name)Advocate/Intruder11.6
Age of DiscoveryPathfinderAlexander AusdauerCleric72.0
Age of DiscoveryArs MagicaIgnatius2.0
Age of DiscoveryFantasyCraft(no name)Scout71.0
Age of DiscoveryPalladium(no name)Ranger11.0
Age of DiscoveryD&D 5.0 PlaytestBrotherCleric21.2
Age of DiscoveryStar Wars EotEHRK-132Heavy/Bodyguard7.0Hall of Fame
Age of StructureD&D 5.0SeptimusCleric105.0Runner Up
Age of StructureRobeneraGarrickGlaive32.2
Age of StructureStar Wars EotEJavin SkyfallMarshal/Tactician8.6Hall of Fame
Age of StructureD&D 5.0Naijhulle BrackenridgeFighter/Rogue31.4
Age of StructureD&D 5.0Cruckton PascalPaladin114.0
Age of StructureSavage Worlds(no name)1.0
Age of StructureD&D 5.0Jonk CrustbergRogue31.0
Age of StructureFunny Dice Game(no name)1.0
Age of StructureD&D 5.0Käsig UnschlagbarRanger/Fighter103.6
Age of StructureX-COM FilesFrancis "F-Bomb" HiggsMarauder1.6
Age of StructureX-COM FilesBurke Knochelmann1.2
Age of StructureFunny Dice Game(no name)1.0
Age of StructureD&D 5.0Ralphinator9000Fighter42.0
Age of StructureStar Trek AdventuresK'Thor VekmaLieutenant Jr. Grade2.4
Age of StructureX-COM FilesXavier Malcolm2.0
Age of StructureD&D 5.0BarakasWarlock11.0
Age of StructureX-COM FilesCharles "Woodchuck" Crowe1.6
Age of StructureX-COM FilesHeinrich "The Hessian" Hofstetter4.4
Age of StructureCortex PrimeFather Pepophagus1.0
Age of StructureD&D 5.0(no name)Fighter31.0
Age of StructureWerewolf: the ApocalypseChet MastersonPhilodox2.6
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