Technology Age

Jameson Bryant/Dr. Gorestein

Jameson was a hotshot surgeon that was known for his overconfidence. His most noteworthy act was deterring an agent intent on capturing him by entering a local gift store and engaging in conversation with the clerk. He later shifted into Dr. Gorestein, a mad scientist living in a steam punk setting. Dr. Gorestein was a villian through and through, as his lab was eventually destroyed by Axiomatic Lad and his team.


Total Score



Power: 7

Reflex: 5

Coordination: 5

Grit: 7

Intelligence: 9

Local Awareness: 5

Global Awareness: 3

Focus: 2

Global Skillz

Predilection (Int) 4
Calc-watch 1
Observant 1
Level-headed 2

Global Flaws

Overconfident 2

Local Skillz

Mad scientist 5
Medicine 1
J-H 3
Failsafe 2
Chemist 1
Elaborate demise 2
Offensive inventions 3

Local Flaws

Megalomaniac 2
Control freak 1
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