Condo Reviews

The Laundry Closet

Strengths: Large main room. Ledges. Laundry closet.
Weaknesses: One bedroom. One bathroom.
Verdict: #3

Office Windows Main room Dining area Hallway Bedroom Bedroom 2 Bathroom Laundry closet

The Schoolhouse

Strengths: Nice kitchen and bathrooms. Gated parking area.
Weaknesses: No viable main room.

Laundry room Hallway Bathroom Furnace Rooms Kitchen Empty room Bathroom 2

The Old Place

Strengths: Spacious. Cubby (not pictured).
Weaknesses: Main room is kind of small. Feels very old.

Kitchen Dining area Closet Something room Closet Something room 2 Bathroom Bedroom Main room

The White House

Strengths: Excellent main room. Garage. White.
Weaknesses: Small kitchen.
Verdict: #2

Windows. Doorway Kitchen Bedroom

The Foreclosure

Strengths: Looks like it may have been nice at one point. Large main room.
Weaknesses: Foreclosed. Needs a lot of work.

Bathroom Basement Doorway Bedroom Kitchen Main room

The Doghouse

Strengths: Nice kitchen. Looks well-maintained.
Weaknesses: Small main room. Evidence of dog residence.
Verdict: #4

Bathroom HORK! Bedroom Main room Kitchen

The Lockout

This was in the same building as The Doghouse. Unfortunately, we could not get in.
Verdict: ????

The Townhouse

Strengths: Very large main room. Kitchen is very nice. Spacious.
Weaknesses: Horking expensive.
Verdict: #1

Main room
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