Age of Discovery

José Chimendez

José was the starting pitcher for the Chicago Major League Baseball team in the future. He was a smooth-talking elitist that had a bad habit of gambling away dollars by the thousand. He knew how to get what he wanted, but became angered in the presence of anyone smart enough to see through his schmoozery. José eventually entered the city of Sigil by means of a broom closet. No one has heard from him since.





Power: 5

Reflex: 6

Coordination: 11

Grit: 6

Intelligence: 9

Local Awareness: 2

Global Awareness: 1

Focus: 2

Global Skillz

Celebrity 2
Predilection (coordination) 1

Global Flaws

Local Skillz

Throw 4
Smarmitude 3
Pistol 3
Taunt 2
Fisticuffs 2
Physical endurance 3

Local Flaws

Gamble 2
Classism 2
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