My name is Yarkus Hochberg. I'm a Private Eye. I know it sounds like something out of an old comic book, but people still need us for "specialty" jobs, as I prefer to call it. I'm a little new to the business, but I've learned fast. It's the only way. So far, most of the jobs we've taken have been offered by lowlifes wanting us to spy on someone or "reacquire" some goods. Not the most glamorous of jobs, but it's good money. And when you live in DC, you need a lot of it. I have two other business associates, Desmond and Brian Gilmore-St. James. Together, we run a sort of conglomerate business of detective work and car repair. Completely unrelated, I know. We do what we're good at. Desmond is the resident mechanic. He can make cars do things that you only see in the movies. He can also cave someone's skull in with a wrench. Brian mostly hangs around and gets drunk. When he's sober, he's our frontman, doing most of the talking with clients or in hostage situations.

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