Kthxgiving Weekend. 3:15:00 PM 12/1/2009
So, it's a day or two late, but I figured I'd summarize the long weekend.


Andy, Amy Grant, Mike W., Josh B., Paul, the Bodmers, and Josh B.'s girlfriend's brother all met up at Dave & Buster's in Tri-County. Nick Stollenmeyer was supposed to be there, but he did not arrive in Cincinnati early enough. We first got seated at a four person table, and then we found Andy and Amy and had to upgrade to a sixer. Unfortunately, this ended up being a huge ordeal and we had to stand around for ten minutes while the staff got a larger table ready. I don't see why it took so long. Then, after ordering, Bodmer and Janet showed up and we had to scoot some more chairs in. I think our waiter was either pissed or confused or both.

After eating, it was game time. I played Andy in that stupid Virtua Tennis game as Andy Roddick because his picture in the game looks so goofy. I won. I played a lot of shooting games with Josh B. and watched Andy and Mike W. play this weird jumprope game. Eventually, Bodmer sat himself down at one of those token games where you drop the tokens into the machine and they pile up and eventually get pushed off of a ledge. I don't know how many tokens he dropped into that machine, but it had to be in the hundreds. He ended up having enough tickets to buy everyone coffee mugs.


Thursday was Kthxgiving and I went with my parents to my Aunt Nancy's house. We had dinner and dessert and the food was great. I got a decent amount of leftovers as well. From there, we went to my mom's side's Kthxgiving at my grandparents' house. Just about everyone was there and it was a great time. My uncle Joe got pissed at all of the younger people texting and started to take people's phones away and threatened to read texts. I continuously egged him on in hopes that he would take all the phones in the room. Also, some of the people hadn't seen me since last year and commented on the change in my appearance. Hopefully that's everyone now.


Friday, Mike W. left to go to a wedding in Chicago with Josh V. I went to Newport and met the same crowd plus Adam. I got there earlier than everyone else and put our name down at Dewey's, but it was so packed that we ended up going to the Irish Pub instead. After eating half of his burger, Josh B. realized that they had left the wrapper on the cheese slice. He had even taken a large bite out of it. He told the waiter, who didn't seem even remotely concerned. At least he got a free meal out of it.

We then went over and met Nick Stollenmeyer, Brent, and some others over at the movie ticket counter. We saw Ninja Assassin. It was intensely violent, but pretty entertaining. I later learned that Bodmer and Janet got to the theater too late and it was sold out, and that Eriq also suffered the same fate. However, they found each other and watched a later showing.

Saturday and Sunday

I did nothing.

4 responses to "Kthxgiving Weekend."

    12/1/2009 3:46:07 PM
"commented on the change in my appearance" What are you now? Some type of alien? If you're anything like the aliens in District 9 that's gotta be awesome.
    12/1/2009 4:11:27 PM
Sounds like Saturday and Sunday was a blast.
    12/2/2009 5:29:18 PM
The best days are the lazy ones.
    12/11/2009 8:33:43 AM
Old people are funny

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