More Kroger Weirdness. 10/17/2008
I feel like a lot of these posts are a result of the people inside Kroger. Yesterday, I went to my parents' house for dinner, but my mom asked me to pick up some sour cream on the way. So, I stopped at Kroger to get some, and it ended up taking me about 15 minutes to get one thing. People need to learn to use the self checkout machines more efficiently. But I "disgress." The main thing was that there were some youngish-looking guys behind me in line, probably around 18 or something. The song "Tearin' up my Heart" was playing over the intercom, which is pretty standard for a grocery store. However, one of the guys spontaneously began to belt out the song with the speaker, and it was loud. Like, loud enough that people turned and stared. His boyfriend (which I discovered later) tried to quiet him down by saying "Shh" and junk, but he wasn't having it. So he continued to sing really horking loudly, which actually didn't get me that pissed; I thought it was hilarious. The song ended, and the guy stopped, but then a few seconds later said, "Is he black or white?" And he said it almost as loud as he was singing. I have no idea who or what he was referring to. Then he asked "why people still love the Bengals even though they suck." The whole situation seemed very strange to me, but also very funny. I'd take it over horking old people any day.

5 responses to "More Kroger Weirdness."

    10/17/2008 3:01:35 PM
You should sign him up for Rock Band.
    10/17/2008 3:07:44 PM
That is an excellent idea, especially since N'Sync doesn't have any songs in the game.
    10/17/2008 9:23:09 PM
Disgress = TITE How did you discover that other guy was his boyfriend? Did you have a threesome with them after you left or something?
    10/19/2008 1:06:16 PM
The guys exhibited all the stereotypes I could think of, and it seemed intentional to me. Either that, or they were two of the guys from N'Sync. And WTF.
    10/19/2008 4:19:33 PM

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