Chapter 1, The Job

So here I am now, working in a "transitional" part of town in DC with two other colleagues. We've been in business for about six months, and we make enough to live off of. On this particular day, Desmond was in the garage working on his battlebot, "Captain Destructo" or something ridiculous like that. Brian and I were lounging around in the private eye office upstairs. A client entered and asked Desmond where the office was, which really annoys him. He came upstairs and introduced himself as Marcus. He had a simple job for us: pick up a girl named Sarasvati at the mall tomorrow and bring her back to talk with him. He showed us a photo, but didn't have much else on her. He also said it could get messy, which I assumed since he was coming to us. I discussed the job with my friends and we decided to take it. It was getting late, and Marcus helped himself to one of the couches. We tried to tell him that we weren't a motel, but it didn't seem to bother him. Whatever.

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