Chapter 1, The Chase

So, the next day, Marcus informed us that we needed to keep an eye on Sarasvati because the agents would almost certainly go after her again. Luckily, I was able to scry on her most of the time. Meeting someone in person makes it very easy. Before you say anything, I wasn't a creep about it. I let her have her privacy; I just wanted to make sure she didn't get into trouble. Anyway, One of the times I checked on her, there were some of those agents from before in her living room, talking to her. I immediately alerted Brian and Desmond and we grabbed some supplies and I quickly created a portal to the bathroom in Sarasvati's house. Not the biggest room, but we needed to be sure we weren't seen. We went through, but those guys aren't good at sneaking around, and they ended up making a lot of noise. I scried Sarasvati and saw her get up to investigate the noise. Nothing ever goes smoothly.
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