Chapter 1, The Rescue

The next day, Desmond and I decided that we should probably go visit his doctor at the hospital. His doctor is a helpful guy - he'll fix you up with no questions. He dressed our gunshot wounds and hooked us up with some painkillers. We also stopped at the hallow and recharged for a bit. After returning and relaxing for a while, Sarasvati got a call on her cell phone. I know it was rude, but I tuned in on her conversation. It was the agents again, and this time they had her mother and brother. They ordered her to come to a specified location within 24 hours, or they would execute the family members. Sarasvati hung up her phone, clearly distressed. She explained the situation to us. Brian, Desmond, and I debated the plan of action. On one hand, Marcus was paying us to protect Sarasvati. We don't have a reputation for abandoning jobs. Plus, it obviously felt wrong. On the other hand, Desmond and I were still pretty badly injured from our two firefights.

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