Chapter 2, Errands

After a few days of living in our glorious building, Sarasvati decided that she had had enough. She asked if it would be ok for her to move back into her house, but I scried on it and saw some suspicious-looking guys walking by from time to time. We were still in charge of her protection, so I said no. She then asked if we could at least move her stuff into our building. It seemed reasonable to me, so I created a portal to her house and Desmond helped her move all of her junk in. Our place is getting a little crowded, but at least it probably feels a little more like home to her. Afterwards, Marcus approached us with another task. This time, it was a pickup in a parking lot a few miles away. Marcus told us to meet a van in the parking lot and collect some computer stuff from the driver. Pickup jobs are easy in theory, but we prepared for the worst.
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