Chapter 2, Following the Trail

A few weeks passed since our encounter with Angus and we took advantage of the downtime to cast a few rituals. We all cast some protective spells on ourselves and I cast a Ward on our building. The Ward prevents all attempts at Sympathetic (Space) magic, so no one can spy on us or teleport in. I also fortified it with a Ban in combination with Forces magic to stop kinetic energy from fired bullets. This way, no one can shoot us inside our place. Hopefully, we're a little safer this way. Eventually, a client came in and asked Desmond where the Private Eye office was. Grudgingly, Desmond directed him upstairs, where Brian was playing around on his guitar and I was lounging around behind the desk. The guy introduced himself as Nathan Essex, and told us about a job he had for us. A member of his cabal named Eric Martin had gone missing a few days ago and he needed us to investigate the disappearance.
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