Chapter 2, Fallen Hero

The agents went straight for us, but in a spectacular failure, completely missed us and ran off the road onto a sidewalk. I couldn't believe it. The agents all got out of their car, but these ones looked different from the ones before. They looked slow and haggard, and had that strange grayish look about them. We engaged them from behind our car and a fight broke out. However, only a few of them actually had guns - the others ran over to try to pummel us. Unfortunately, in their "fungitized" state, bullets didn't seem to do much damage to them and they easily approached us. Desmond eagerly pulled out his wrench and went to work, while Brian and I shotgunned the ones on the other side. One of them lunged at me, but they were moving slowly and I dodged. I then brutally executed the thing by putting my shotgun right up to its head and literally decapitating it. Chunks of grayish fungal matter went everywhere and it was disgusting.
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