Chapter 3, New Threats

After the incident with Eric, the three of us spent some time learning the new rote spells from the grimoire Nathan gave us. We had also used a lot of Mana during the fight, so we made frequent trips to the old church. During one of the trips, we found that someone had already used the hallow for the day. We remembered the goth kids from before, but I thought we had scared them off. Brian looked back through time at the church and found that they had come and used the hallow late last night. Since I had seen the goth kids before, I scried them and found them at a bar somewhere. From the look of things, it was not a sleeper bar. We decided to camp out at the church and wait for them to return. While we waited, Desmond thought more and more about these punk kids and got really pissed. The more he thought about it, the angrier he got. He started talking about shooting at the kids when they came in, and I was a little worried. I just wanted to scare them off so we could use our hallow in peace.
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