Chapter 2, Following the Trail

Nathan told us what he could about Eric - his physical appearance, his specialization in Life Magic, and his home and work addresses. He had also brought Eric's comb with him, which might sound strange at first, but was actually very useful. Since his comb had tissue from Eric on it (hair), I was able to scry him very easily. I offered to do so for free, but it was strange. Instead of finding him at a specific location, I sort of picked up bits and pieces all around DC. I had never seen anything like it before. Locating missing people is usually trivial for me, but this was going to be a tough one. I agreed to take the job and told Nathan we'd be in touch. The three of us discussed the job, and we decided that Marcus and Sarasvati would be reasonably safe in our basement while we were out. We headed out to Eric's place of employment first - a local volunteer clinic.
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