Chapter 3, Enemies Abound

We looked around and found a large garage. Inside was Leah. She yelled out at us to come in. This was obviously a trap, as I felt when the person's illusion had entered my mind. As we got closer, Desmond exclaimed that it was Natasha from the clinic. What did she want with us? Desmond strengthened the van and we drove in. The garage door slammed shut behind us and lots of thugs came out from behind stuff and opened fire. Luckily, all of the bullets ricocheted off of the van - even the bullet from the sniper who attempted to shoot through the windshield. We decided there was no way to fight these guys without getting shot to death, so I tried to ram down the garage door like the gate before. The garage door was tougher and it took me several tries, while Natasha attempted to destroy our van with Matter magic. Desmond prevented her, giving me enough time to smash down the garage door. We got away, but what was Natasha doing there? We decided that cautiously investigating was not working and it was time to either break into the school or the clinic.

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